Vehicle Hoist Service and Support

Servicing repairs and parts for all makes of vehicle hoists

Yes, we service and repair all makes of Vehicle Hoists, two post and four post also Porta-lifts

Such as,

  • etc

Service Requirements

All servicing is performed to Australian Standards and Work-safe requirements, taking into account the manufactures recommendations.

The Australian Reference Standards include, AS/NZS 1418.9 Cranes, part 9 Vehicle Hoists and AS/NZS 2550.9 Cranes, safe use, part 9 Vehicle Hoists

We have an advantage of using licensed Electrical/Mechanical Technicians.

We also receive safety alerts and call back info and advise if any action is needed.

SWH&C typical inspection process servicing involves,

  • Removing covers,
  • Detailed inspection and lubrication,
  • Testing all electric safety circuits including limit switches,
  • Testing all mechanical safety components including lock lever mechanism, lock bolts and pins,
  • Inspection and adjustment of hoist load rope and wire rope test safety reset
  • Inspection of hydraulics, cylinders pump and hoses.
  • Inspection of pick up pads and lift arms
  • Visual inspection of base holding bolts and anchor bolts
  • Visual inspection of welds
  • Check carriage rollers/guides
  • A full written checklist/report for your safety records

Stock of parts

We are always increasing our stock of generally consumable parts, there are many makes and we don't carry every spare part.

However, spare parts for these Molnar hoists present no problem at all, if not in our stock, then special orders coming within 2 days from the factory in South Australia.

Molnar Hoists are Australian made and are very good quality, typically up there with the best we see.

SWH&C have copies of, or access to all the service/spare part manuals.

Vehicle Hoist servicing and repairs to all makes
Vehicle Hoist servicing and repairs to all makes

Spare parts and repairs