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Our Mission

At Southwest Hoist and Crane our aim is to be your first choice for crane service and support in the Southwest region of WA, and to meet or exceed all of your expectations.


Southwest Hoist & Crane was formed utilising the expertise of Crane Directors, Managers and Technicians with over 77 years combined experience.

Preparation meets Opportunity.

A wise man once said,

"Success happens when preparation meets opportunity."

We prepared by laying solid foundations for this business, drawing from years of well proven and successful business models, principles and experience.

The opportunity came in 2014 to make it all happen and to meet a well recognized need to form a local crane company based in and serving the Southwest region of WA.

Our Company
Our Company

Safety Policy

Southwest Hoist & Crane recognise our moral and legal responsibility, in particular to the Work Health Act 1986 to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors, this commitment extends to ensuring the organisations operation does not place the local community at risk of injury or illness. Southwest Hoist & Crane recognise that management and staff share overall responsibility to provide and maintain a safe workplace.

Quality Policy

Southwest Hoist & Crane are committed to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System aiming to improve Quality, Product Reliability and Customer Satisfaction. This system extends to all products and all services supplied by Southwest Hoist & Crane so as to ensure that the expectations of our customers are fully met or exceeded. Southwest Hoist & Crane management team will provide the required resources to establish, implement and maintain the system and ensure that all employees are aware of this policy and actively follow it. We will endevour to reduce non-conforming products across all departments and strive for excellence in the delivery of all goods and services.